What is Capella?

Capella was launched by MCN in 2013 to help our agencies and clients harness the power of data and information. The agency integrates and provides specialized services in research, business analytics and media intelligence – with the aim of developing powerful insights in consumer behavior, media habits and engagement metrics.

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Performance & Analytics

Performance & Analytics are used to maximize the effectiveness of marketing performance and optimize clients’ key KPIs.

Establishing the right processes and selecting the right technologies can pose a challenge when evaluating the success of communication programs. Advertisers often find it difficult to meet this challenge, and this means that advertising and marketing in general suffer from a crisis of accountability

At Capella, we help our clients to measure and optimize their communication activities. We prove how the marketing function can be an integral part of a machine that drives revenue and profits. Metrics like Awareness, GRPs, Impressions, Organic Search or Reach can be quantifiably connected to metrics associated to financial performance i.e. revenue and profit.

There are three main stages of outcome deliverables:

1) Provide the right technology for data repository and data transformation that is flexible and caters to the brands. Our dedicated team for technology and infrastructure has the expertise and experience to implement a tailor-made solution.

2) At this stage we process multiple data feeds, and turn raw data into actionable insights. A team of business, marketing and media analysts – expert in statistical and optimization techniques – help our clients with strategic decision making.

3) In close communication with the clients, we recommend changes to tactical plan as new data rolls in. This ensures that performance is continuously on target. Our brand-focused analysts work side by side with the planning teams to drive day to day executions.

Consumer Research

Provides consultancy on marketing strategy based on a deep understanding of consumers, brands and their interactions with communication channels

In today’s world, where the only constant is change, marketers need to supplement their intuition with insights. This is what we do: bringing consumer science and rationale at the heart of our client’s marketing strategies to ease and enhance their decision making process.

Our objective is to drive long term and sustainable growth for your brands through unveiling actionable insights and providing strategic recommendations.

Servicing a wide range of clients, both big and small, we have the expertise to design and execute any research that will help you guide your marketing and advertising strategy and ultimately your growth. Our services include Industry and Market Insight, Consumer Insight, Media Research, Marketing Effectiveness Research, Brand Tracking and Positioning Research.

We have two convictions at Capella when it comes to Research delivery.

Genuine and effective insights can only be generated through bespoke and innovative approaches, finely tailored to our clients’ needs and objectives. In research, more than anywhere else, there is no room for one fits all solution. That’s why we work hands in hands with our clients to deeply understand their business needs and requirements.

The second conviction that we have is that Research is not about willing to know more. It is about planning the next steps and adapting the strategy. That’s why we turn all our learnings into actionable insights. We want Research to be dynamic and to positively influence decisions. Valuable research has to be actionable and actioned by our clients.


Helps clients to be quicker to adopt new technology trends and tools.

In today’s constantly evolving digital landscape everyone is trying to gain the competitive edge by using the power of data. Agencies and Clients need the marketing and technical ability to understand what data they have, what they don’t, how to structure, manage it and ultimately, how to apply and efficiently use this data.

Consequently, marketers often make decisions based on data from individual channels, not taking into account the entire marketing picture. Social media data alone is not enough. Web analytics data alone is not enough. And tools that fail to integrate data from all marketing communication efforts across all channels are inadequate.

This is what we do. We help agencies and clients to integrate data and use the right technologies that are essential for sound decision making and effective program execution.

We provide specialized services like data management, data visualization, automation of manual processes and analytics among other services. We harness the power of data to minimize operational and business inefficiencies.

To offer the very best in media technology, we provide consultancy and project management services. We do an in-depth study of the client’s needs & existing processes and help identify gaps. Then, we guide clients in identifying and transitioning to new technologies; introducing new processes or making existing processes more efficient. We build and manage highly customized dashboards to specific client requirements. At the end, in collaboration with analytics, we examine marketing and media metrics and suggest on how to improve the interpretation of those metrics with technology tailored tools.


Leverages the value of information from proprietary and syndicated tools across all MCN agencies.

Born out of MCN Network, our primary role is to deliver media and market intelligence to our internal agencies and their clients.

Today’s business environment is more volatile and complex than ever. All businesses need to understand, anticipate and adapt to remain efficient and meaningful. By investigating the dynamics of the ecosystem, our team of analysts unveils new opportunities for our partners and eases their strategy definition.

Our core effort goes to Media and Advertising Spends measurement, Industry and market intelligence, Competitive Intelligence, Economy reports, Media cost forecasts

To come up with compelling intelligence we heavily invest in research and technology development.

Our Research effort is articulated around Proprietary and Syndicated Research. By pro-actively sourcing and assessing each research vendor, tool, piece of research, methodology, we guarantee the relevance and added value of our thought leadership.

We also invest in technology to be able to gather data from different sources, to automate reports and ultimately ease the analysis process. Intelligence then springs from our team’s expertise able to make sense of a huge amount of data, information and signals as many pieces of a puzzle.